Yet another Diet Tool

Diet Chart and Calendar

The weight tracking chart

Get Quick Feedback

  • Am I gaining or losing weight ?
  • At what rate is my weight changing ?
  • How effective is my diet ?


Small changes accumulate over time and it is harder to gain control without a reliable measurement.


The diet chart and calender provide quick feedback on the direction and rate of weight changes over time.
It is then easier to control weight by making even small adjustments in diet and exercise.


Selectable units
choose between kilograms and pounds.
Adjustable target
set targets and adjust them according to progress and goals.
Multiple views
view a monthly calendar and chart with adjustable span.
Import and export
import existing weight history or export your stored data to your own computer.
optionally allow others access to view your weight history. (example)


YaDTool is free and simple to use. All you need to do is set your target and enter your weight daily. You can export your data in a portable format at any time.

To get started please create an account. Creating an account is simply selecting a user name and a password.


These are charts from a real diet. You can browse the complete weight history

At the beginning the diet chart is showing an upwards drift

Diet chart showing slow but steady increase in weight

Making some dietary changes causes the diet chart to change direction

Diet chart showing that the trend has changed and that the weight is decreasing

Eventually the diet chart enters the target zone and levels off

Diet chart showing that the weight has leveled off on the target