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About YaDTool

YaDTool is yet another diet tool for tracking body weight that was inspired by The Hacker's Diet.

YaDTool is free and simple to use.

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Privacy Policy

Personal Information
Registration to YaDTool requires no identifying information and no email address. Just pick a user name and a password.
Access to your data is protected by the user name and password that you choose.
You may allow others to access your data if you choose to do so, by using the “Shared URL” feature. (for details go to Shared URL after you've logged in).
Your Data
The data you enter is yours. At any time you can save it locally to your computer in a portable format (CSV) that can easily be imported by most spreadsheet and database applications. It is even recommended that you periodically backup your data from YaDTool to your computer, just in case.
You can also delete your data and your account in YaDTool at any time.
Web Analytics
Anonymous statistic about this web site's usage are collected. However the "Do Not Track" option set in your browser is respected.
YaDTool is made public in the hope that it will be useful but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.