Yet another Diet Tool



YaDTool is a tool for tracking body weight.

By entering your daily weight you can quickly see how your weight is changing over time.

To use it you first need to create an account.


After registration select your preferred weight units and date format in the settings page:

Setting preffered weight units and date fromat

Daily Input

You then proceed to enter your daily weight:

Daily weight input form

Monthly Calendar

In the monthly calendar view each day for which weight has been entered is color coded according to the direction and rate of change of the average weight. If weight is changing towards the target the color is blue. If weight is changing away from the target the color is red. The rate of change in either direction is represented by the degree of saturation of the color.

The calendar also lets you navigate to the date for which you want to enter the daily weight.

Monthly calendar

Weight Chart

The weight chart shows how your weight changes over time.

The red and green triangles and the green crosses are the daily weight that you enter. The continuous blue line is a 10 days moving average. For each day it is the average weight of that day and the preceding 9 days. The averaging reduces the noise from the daily measurements.

The color of the triangles indicates the direction of the moving average relative to the target weight (the horizontal green area across the chart).

When the average is moving away from the target the triangles are colored red and when the average is moving towards the target their color is green.

When the average is inside the target zone, the daily weight is indicated by a green cross.

Weight chart


The target you set in the targets page, appears as a green area on the chart. The daily input is color coded relative to the target, both in the chart and the calendar.

Setting target weight

Averages Table

The Averages Table shows your current average weight, over increasing number of recent days.
It exposes longer term trends.
For example, if the 7 days average is greater than the 14 days average then the current trend is increase in weigth.

Moving average table